郡上本染 渡辺染物店は、江戸時代から400年以上続く日本伝統の「正藍染」を継承しています。




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商標「郡上本染」は渡辺染物店 渡邊一吉の登録商標です
登録商標 第6051346号 登録商標 第6187226号

The Gujo Indigo Dye
Gujo Indigo Dye is a traditional Japanese "true indigo dye" which has been passed down from the Edo period for over 400 years. True indigo dye is a traditional dyeing method where natural indigo materials are used as opposed to the chemical dyes that are popular today, and there are few "Kouya", true indigo dying specialists operating today. Natural indigo dye is said to have an insect repellent effect and has been a prized for use in wrapping cloths and clothing since ancient times. With time the dark blues eventually fade to light blues, and the tone of true indigo dye has come to be called "Japan blue" overseas where it is highly praised as well. Also, in the "carp banners streaming in the cold", a beloved reminder of winter in Gujo Hachiman, you can enjoy the sight of brilliant carp banners that appear to be majestically swimming in the water.

The history of Gujo Indigo Dyehouse
In 1580, Watanabe indigo Dyehouse was born in Gujo Hachiman, a castle town nestled deeply in the mountains. We have passed down our dyeing techniques for over 400 years since then, evolving along with human history. In the Edo period in the castle town of Gujo Hachiman it flourished in mostly as an item for Samurai clothing, etc., and in the Taisho period there were still 17 shops in the Gujo Hachiman shopping district, but today Watanabe Dyehouse is the only one that remains. Characterized by "tsutsugaki" or tube painting, Watanabe Dyehouse draws every pattern for each item by hand, dying over and over again with the greatest care. We have maintained the proper indigo dyeing techniques that draw out the beauty of true indigo dye and convey the handcrafted warmth.

This shop is a shop where you can buy handmade indigo dye products and Carp banners.

* For delivery to foreign countries, if EMS mail is temporarily suspended due to various reasons, we will take delivery procedures as soon as underwriting resumes.

Watanabe Somemono Traditional indigo dye
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HP: http://www.gujozome.jp/
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The trademark "郡上本染" is a registered trademark of Watanabe Somemono Traditional indigo dye Kazuyoshi Watanabe.
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