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タペストリー 槍ヶ岳に山野草

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素材 :綿100%

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Mt.Yarigatake and Wild grasses

Mt. Yarigatake is a famous peak in Japan. Its sharp peak can be seen from distant mountains. It is a symbol of the Japanese Alps and is a dream of many climbers.
In the Northern Alps, waiting for the snow to melt, numerous wild grasses will bloom. One of them is "Usuyukisou", a neat flower called Edelweiss in Europe. Small flowers gather at the tips of the stems, and beneath them, fluffy bracts that look like snow up are impressive. The Dicentra in front is called the Queen of Alpine Plants, and is named because its flower shape resembles the face of a horse. A pretty pink flower blooms on the gravel where environment is severe.
 The towering Mt. Yarigatake is expressed in shades of indigo, and the wild flowers that bloom in the nature are expressed in pale colors. I hope you can imagine the nature of Japan.

Wall hangings dyed by the traditional dyeing method called "Tsutugaki".
Using a paste made from rice cake, draw a pattern on a white dough by hand.
Mix the dye with soybean juice and apply color to fix the color.
Then, soak it in fermented natural indigo many times, wash it in a clear stream, dry in the sun, and dye it until it becomes a dark blue color. Produced in the traditional way of dyeing.

Size: about 105cm x 160cm
Material: 100% cotton

[Precautions for handling indigo dyed products]

* Indigo dye will transfer color by rubbing. As you continue to use it, the color will not fade easily. Also, the color fades little by little as you use it.
* Please note that the attached color cannot be removed if the color of leather is transferred due to friction. In particular, do not rub brightly colored leather products.
* Please do not wash. It may cause loss of shape.
* Please store in a dark place with low humidity such as chest of drawers and boxes. Please note that you may get sunburn if you get direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time.

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¥ 242,000 tax included

  • 屋外用(2.8m~5.5m)セット各種

  • ベランダサイズ(160cm鯉)

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