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正藍染 立体マスク(伊勢木綿使用)

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サイズ:横半分(中央から耳側) 約12cm
素材 :綿100% (伊勢木綿)

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Natural indigo dye Mask

It is a natural indigo mask.
Dipped in fermented natural indigo many times. Produced in the traditional way of dyeing.
It is three-dimensional and has a comfortable fit.
Three types are available: a simple naby plain fabric and a tie-dye that gives the image of a galaxy.
The dark blue solid mask is a deep shade of natural indigo dye.
Tie-dyeing has three-dimensional shades.
You can feel the dark and light colors in three dimensions.
I dyed each one by hand. The patterns are all different.
I use cotton with a soft touch.
As you use it, the color will gradually fade and the taste will increase.
It is not a medical mask.

Size: approx. Horizontal half (center to ear) about 12 cm
Vertical (from nose to chin) 15 cm
Material: 100% cotton

Notes about the product

*As you use it, the color will gradually fade and the taste will increase.
*This item is hand dyed one by one, and the pattern is different.
The actual product will be another product that resembles the atmosphere in the photo.
*It is not a medical mask.

[Precautions for handling indigo dyed products]

* Indigo dye will transfer color by rubbing. As you continue to use it, the color will not fade easily. Also, the color fades little by little as you use it.
* Please note that the attached color cannot be removed if the color of leather is transferred due to friction. In particular, do not rub brightly colored leather products.
* Please wash by hand. Please wash separately from other clothing. Please wash lightly with a neutral detergent that does not contain fluorescent or bleaching agents. If you use a detergent that contains fluorescent or bleaching agents, it will damage the fabric. Also, if you rub it partly, the color will drop only in that part. It may cause unevenness. After washing, shape it and shade it. Please avoid the dryer.

* When requesting laundry from a laundry company, please consult with the company in advance. We are not responsible for troubles such as discoloration of the product due to washing, loss of texture or damage.
* Please store in a dark place with low humidity such as chest of drawers and boxes. Please note that you may get sunburn if you get direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time.

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¥2,970 tax included

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